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Types of Model -

           So now you know what kind of modelling you
           want to do and you have the right measurements,
           but you are not sure if you have the "look",
           if you are photogenic enough, or what the next
           step is?, get Professional advice.

        High Fashion -

         Editorial - Catwalk  - Print  -  Show Room  -
         Lingerie & Swim wear  - Fitness.

         This is the top end of the modelling industry where
         "super models" are formed. There is much demand
         to get into this area of modelling but also the most
         competitive and you would need to be at least 5ft 9" for
         a female and 5ft 11" for males, of an unusual
         beauty, slender build and exactly what the agencies
         are looking for.
         Note there are always exceptions to the general
         rule.The industry is constantly evolving and is now
         friendlier to plus size models and well-proportioned
         petites as there are manufacturers who focus on
         that segment of the market.
         Fashion models help launch new products and
         designs such as in apparel, accessories, shoes,
         jewellery, and swim wear. .

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