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Types of Model -

          The modelling industry is made
          up of many different types of
          Each type of modelling has it’s
          own requirements and caters
          to different looks.
          The important thing is to
          discover the type of model you
          are and then approach the right
          people within that field .
          The market determines what
          models are needed.
          It is important to understand the type of model
          you want to be. By doing so you can learn what
          the requirements are and if you can meet them.
          There are many models that can work across the
          various types of modelling, as the lines between
          the fields are blurry at best.
          The different types of modelling can be listed as:
          Fashion, Commercial, Body Parts, Glamour,
          and Promotional.
          These categories can have further sub-categories
           for size - petite and plus, and for age - children
          and mature. A category of modelling will only
          be found where there are business clients to
          support it. So categories will emerge and die out.
          The ones listed here are the most commonly
          occurring. However, do note that the list is not
          exhaustive nor is the information comprehensive
          as there are many variables.

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