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Getting Started -

        A model must be alert, intelligent, resourceful,
        reliable, good-natured and must also have a great
        deal of common sense and a good sense of humour!
        Am I really cut out for this?
        Who does the agency represent and how much work
        do they get?
        Who are the agency's clients?
        Is the agency asking for money up front or are they
        confident enough to invest money in me?
        Do they have a proper office or are they just using
        a mobile phone number?
        Those who do fit the bill must then go on to learn
        the various skills models need to survive and thrive
        in a business with high running costs and high
        expectations. But do take no for an answer!
        There are hundreds of so-called model agencies out
        there who make money by charging up front fees
        (useless photographs, model courses, etc) rather 
        than finding work for hopeful would-be models.
        Believe us, if you fit these criteria and are capable
        of making a decent living
        as a model, good model
        agents will be beating a
        path to your door.
        They certainly won't turn
        you away.
        Why would they?
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