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Getting Started -

        Modelling can be a fantastically exciting and
        well-paid profession for the right person. It can
        provide the opportunity to express yourself
        creatively, to travel all over the world, and to be
        exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities.
        In fashion modelling, girls should be at least
        5ft 8ins tall (1.73cms) and more or less 34-24-34
        A male model should be at least 6ft tall (1.83cms),
        chest 40 (suit regular), and inside leg 33ins (84cm).
        You should have clear skin, good hands, nails and
        teeth, healthy hair and regular features.
        (Please note these sizes are ideal but not set.
        Many photographers and fashion designers are now
        taking different sizes)As importantly, models need
        to have the right attitude for this type of work.

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